Why, What, Where

How to Plan for a Custom Pool

Beginning a new project can be exciting: plans, research and dreams come together to create an electrifying anticipation. Developing a ultra custom pool design elicits that kind of emotion. Thinking about the pool and knowing that the goal is attainable generates an excitement that is second to none. It is like taking a thrill ride that ends in a magical wonderland.

Why, What, Where

All inground pools require common considerations, regardless of what each pool will look like or where each will be located. Identifying and understanding these considerations will help ensure a successful outcome.

The first step is to think about the basics: why, what and where. Contemplating these three issues before hiring a pool builder is a smart way to start the project. When the time comes to interview and hire a professional contractor, many of the answers will already be apparent or will come into view easily.

Why is the pool being built? Is it mainly for family entertainment or is it destined to be the centerpiece of a magnificent landscaping project? How the pool will be used is a crucial point to ponder. A pool for play and exercise needs to be designed differently than one that will become an elegant enhancement of a home’s exterior.

What kind of pool is envisioned: a traditional rectangular-shaped beauty that is functional, yet elegant, or a mysterious negativeedged wonder that seems to disappear into the horizon? Although available shapes and sizes are limited only by the imagination, they play an important role in the decisionmaking process. A pool created for swimming laps requires one style, while one incorporating the peaceful sounds of water cascading over natural rock demands another.

Where the pool will be positioned takes foresight and planning. Look at the trees that dot the property and imagine how the ideal design will fit into the overall theme of the property. Think about privacy issues and the proximity of the pool to the main house. Watch the sun and shadows as they move over the area during the day. Keep in mind, however, that your builder will play a key role in determining the exact location of the pool.